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Crazy Colin supports Anti-Bullying

The show teaches key values that make the ingredients for good friendships with strong emphasis on ANTI BULLYING.

The students learn core values of RESPECT and are given a basic 5 stop action plan to deal with bullying.

Magic routines are used as a learning metaphor to enhance the messages. The show is fun and engaging but the presentation has a serious message which is repeated through the hour program.

This show is suitable for Primary school learners.

*Fund Raising opportunity    

The show is a fund raising opportunity for the school as a percentage of the funds collected are donated back to the school.

The show is a 45 minute presentation that is geared towards primary school learners.

Magic tricks, juggling and Colin’s fantastic humour and rapport with the audience is all combined into a fast, fun and exciting show with a message.

The show is supported with posters, press release and promotional DVD.





Colin’s approach to tackling the topic of ‘bullying’, through the use of magic with boys of this age group was entertaining, relevant and informative.”

 – Victoria Newton-King, St Johns Preparatory School,
Houghton, Johannesburg


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