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Some do and don’ts for a successful party.

A successful children’s birthday party with a professional entertainer is the goal. Here are a couple of suggestions to ensure this.

There are a couple of common mistakes that parents make.

My advice is to follow these guidelines or to consult with the entertainer before the party.


1. Never serve food during the show. This disrupts the show and children can choke on the food while laughing. There can be spillages of cool drinks which causes chaos as well.
2. Avoid handing out squeakers or whistles to the party children.
3. Make sure your child’s toys are not lying around as they will distract and can be broken.
4. Make sure the family pet is locked away during the show. The cute puppy or friendly dog wandering in also disrupts.
5. For the duration of the magic show turn off the jumping castle.
6. Choose a shady spot for the audience to sit in. Children getting hot or sun in their eyes will start getting fidgety.
7. The entertainer can be in the sun if necessary. But ideal conditions are a shady area under a tree or Gazebo.
8. Rather avoid the show near the parents who are eating and chatting. At some parties this is a social event in itself and the noise of adults talking is a problem.
9. Small restrictive spaces, such as at a restaurant should be avoided. Consult the manager of the restaurant.
10. Make sure the cake is not brought out during the show. What is effective is to arrange the entertainer to announce the arrival of the cake. The staff of restaurant coming in singing Happy Birthday, with sparklers, is a great vibe, but at end of the show.
11. Avoid feeding the children sweets and sugary drinks.
12. Have payment ready BEFORE the show in an envelope. You will be busy with guests and the entertainer might have to dash to another show.
13. Make sure you don’t miss the show by worrying about the parent’s needs. Your child will not have this birthday again. The entertainer is not a baby sitter but an extra feature for your child.
14. Make sure you have a camera handy to capture the special moments. A good entertainer could advise on certain moments that create fabulous photos, or at least pose with your birthday child.
15. All entertainers appreciate feedback to know their show was successful so a WhatsApp or email is never amiss if the show went well. (If it didn’t go well, comments are also appreciated)
16. Try have a parking space close to the venue. Sometimes a show is at a sports ground with access limited so the entertainer needs to know this.

Look forward to entertaining you and your family at your next birthday party. Remember your child is the VIP during the show!

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