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Handy tips when hiring an entertainer

Well with Lockdown being relaxed has seen a surge of booking inquiries. Parents are contacting me for birthday party bookings. It makes my heart happy to be performing at birthday parties again.
Thinking about all the organising that goes on behind the scenes to book a magician, I thought I would cover a few topics that may be useful when hiring an entertainer.

Let dive in, shall we?

Firstly, I think booking the best entertainer for your budget will guarantee a great performance and successful function.
Here is a list of useful questions to ask an entertainer. REMEMBER THAT EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

1. The best way will be seeing a live show may be at a friend’s party. If the entertainer was successful, you will have your child talking about him or her. Even better if that entertainer brought a smile to your face. I suggest that you ask for his contact details there and then. Don’t pass up the moment. Book a performer that you have seen is the ultimate.

2. Website booking.
When you open a professional magician’s website you will immediately see that the website means business and you are able to get a feel of the performer from the photos and promo footage. Look out for current referrals and photos. There are many party performers in Johannesburg but not all of a suitable standard.

3. Once you have your entertainer that looks promising, make contact and ask him how long has he been performing, does he have current references, what will be involved in the
show? (Be aware of hype) Does your child feature? What extras does he or she offer? If you have a themed birthday party, let him know. Very often the magician will be able to either offer a complete themed magic show or have some references to the theme due to his experience. These little adaptions make the show more memorable for your child.

4. There are two ways to book an entertainer, the first is as a professional show that all the family watch or the second is a more student type performer who does a shorter show, face painting and games for a couple hours after that. The cost difference will be vast.

5. Make sure there is a contract or agreement for you to use as reference.

6. Ask when will the entertainer arrive at your venue prior to the performance? Anyone who say just before will be asking for trouble on the odd occasion there is unexpected roadworks, traffic or breakdowns.

7. Does he offer a replacement artist if he is sick or a money-back guarantee?

8. Lastly, even though a lot of bookings are made over the phone, look out for the phone call offer from the entertainer. Make sure he reconfirms before the event to put your mind at rest.

9. That leaves you with a no worry, hassle-free birthday party, focussing on your child and guests.

10. COST FACTOR MOST OF THE TIME DETERMINES A GOOD PERFORMER. (Obtaining the above information will help with this.


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